This July, the music scene is not only dominated by girl groups but also features an intriguing face-off among boy groups. Bands such as EXO, which have strengthened through internal strife, NCT DREAM, which have seen a rapid surge in popularity since late last year, and TXT, which topped the Billboard 200 with their last work, are all eagerly anticipated for their comebacks. With these artists having previously attained the status of million sellers, the interest lies in how this dynamic will unfold.

#EXO, The Return of the K-pop Kings

On July 10, the seventh full album 'EXIST' by the group EXO will be released. This album is being released two years after their special album 'DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING' was released in June 2021.

EXO, NCT DREAM, TXT Gear Up for Chart-Topping Returns: A Fascinating Battle Among Million Sellers
(Photo : EXO's Instagram )

EXO's comeback is significant for many reasons. Not only have the members reunited after a long period, but they have also managed to overcome several incidents that occurred just before the album release. EXO had announced a full-member comeback and were fervently preparing the album when suddenly member Kai had to enlist in the military. Kai, who was most eagerly awaiting the full-group activities, could not refuse the call of the country.

EXO, now working as seven members instead of eight, geared up for album preparation but then members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin (ChenBaekXi) had a contractual conflict with their agency. They raised issues about unclear settlement and long-term contract duration. On the other hand, their agency, SM Entertainment, refuted this by mentioning "external interference." However, both parties expressed their will for a full-group EXO activity amidst the ongoing dispute and finally reached an amicable agreement.

The album 'EXIST' includes a total of nine songs. The dreamy ballad 'Let Me In' was pre-released on the 12th. On the 30th, the new song 'Hear Me Out' along with its music video will be pre-released, further raising expectations for the regular album. There is a growing anticipation for what kind of appearance EXO, who has made a comeback after going through several events, will show.

#NCT DREAM, Battling the Heat with Refreshing Hip-hop

On July 17, NCT DREAM's third full album 'ISTJ' will be released. The title track 'ISTJ' is a hybrid hip-hop dance song with a dramatic story about two people with completely opposite personalities falling in love. It contains a confident narrative from an ENFP who has their own way of interpreting their ISTJ partner, breaking the standardized mold of the currently popular MBTI.

EXO, NCT DREAM, TXT Gear Up for Chart-Topping Returns: A Fascinating Battle Among Million Sellers
(Photo : NCT DREAM)

Ahead of the album release on the 19th, NCT DREAM pre-released the track 'Broken Melodies.' 'Broken Melodies' is a song that contains the determination to do anything to protect love, overcoming the many emotions felt in a situation far away from the loved one. It rose to the top of various music charts, raising expectations for the full album.

NCT DREAM showed a rapid growth with the winter special mini-album 'Candy' released at the end of last year. Not only did it become an initial Chodong million seller, but it also topped the Melon chart TOP 100 just one day after the music was released. The remake of a song by a senior from their agency, 'Candy', was fresh for the younger generation, and jokes were even made that you could tell someone's age by their answer to the question of who sang 'Candy'.

Expectations are also high for this album. NCT DREAM is expected to show a different charm than before with their unique concept of 'ISTJ.' They're aiming to continue the momentum of their previous album, and the fans are looking forward to their growth as a group.

#TXT, the Global Group Aiming for the Top Again

TXT's first full album 'Beyond' is set to be released on July 25. The album contains 11 songs in total, featuring the title track 'Eternal.' TXT's latest album 'Still Dreaming,' released in February 2023, marked the group's first entrance into the Billboard 200 chart, establishing them as a leading global K-pop group.

EXO, NCT DREAM, TXT Gear Up for Chart-Topping Returns: A Fascinating Battle Among Million Sellers
(Photo : Big Hit Music)

TXT is planning to show a stronger performance with their new album 'Beyond.' The album contains their struggles, maturity, and honesty about their dreams, symbolizing the growth they have experienced since their debut.

The album is filled with tracks that TXT participated in creating, showcasing their growth as artists. The pre-released track 'Eternal' was composed by member Yeonjun, which further raises expectations for the album. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see TXT's unique color and performance in 'Beyond.'

With these three groups coming back around the same time, the July music scene is expected to be more intense than ever. As million sellers, their releases will not only affect the domestic charts but also the global music scene. With the diversity in music styles, fans around the world are eagerly awaiting their return. The competition among these three groups in the coming weeks will be something to keep an eye on.