KBS 2 TV's upcoming romantic-comedy-drama 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' (LT) has released new teaser images sharing a sneak peek of Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook.

'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' reveals a story of an energetic pianist Goo La La (Go Ara) and expert part-timer pianist Sun Woo Joon (Lee Jae Wook), wrote Soompi. The pair will meet at a piano academy in a small country village called "La La Land" with secrets and hidden scars.

The sneak peek shows how different both characters can be and the enjoyable chemistry that will come from it. Wearing a scarf over her head and putting on a pair of sunglasses, Goo La La seems to hide her identity as much as she can but turns the other way and ended up standing out among others on the road.

As revealed on the still images, chaos is set to ensue between Goo La La, who's simplicity can make others laugh in every situation, opposite to Sun Woo Joon, who seems cold on the outside but is a warm and considerate person.

Go La La comes across Sun Woon Joon as she loses everything overnight. Sun Woo Joon appears to be understanding and willing to listen to all her troubles, while he, finds his life filled with light and hope when Goo La La is with him.

The duo's chemistry is the drama's best thing to watch, and Go Ara expressed that her co-star, Lee Jae Wook, is always able to react quickly to any situation on the set. "I think his unique charms can shine even brighter when we work together."

Moreover, Jae Wook shared that Go Ahra is excellent to work with, and he couldn't put it all in words. He noted that she has this high energy that reflects happiness to everyone around her. "She's always encouraging as well, so I'm learning a lot."

The much-anticipated 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' will make stay-at-home nights even exciting and fun-filled starting on August 26 at 9:30 PM, KST.