BTS Jimin has redefined the global music landscape, being the first and unique artist to have not one, but two songs top the iTunes chart across all 119 countries where the platform is available.

The iconic BTS member set the record with his 2022 hit "With You" and the 2023 sensation "Like Crazy", as confirmed by the Twitter handle @PJM_data.

Jimin's standalone hit "Like Crazy" took the global iTunes charts by storm just three months post-release. It clinched the No. 1 spot in Belgium's iTunes chart over the weekend, as reported by @_BTSBELGIUM, thereby securing an iTunes all-kill - the feat of topping all 119 national charts.

This is not the first all-kill for Jimin, as he had previously accomplished this with his joint venture "With You", a duet with Ha Sung Woon, formerly of Hotshot and Wanna One.

Jimin and Sung Woon's melodious collaboration for the soundtrack of the South Korean TV show "Our Blues" dominated all global iTunes charts prior to "Like Crazy". Notably, the song from "Our Blues" set a speed record, securing the No. 1 position in 100 countries within a remarkable four-hour span, as per AllKpop.

The momentous achievement led to a celebratory uproar among Jimin's fans, who popularized the hashtag "#LikeCrazy119thWin" and keywords such as "History maker Jimin", "We love you Jimin" and "With Jimin till the end". These sentiments trended worldwide, along with "Congratulations Jimin".

In 2022, Jimin's single "Filter" ascended the iTunes worldwide charts, earning the status of the highest-charting BTS B-side track, as stated by AllKpop.

The 27-year-old international sensation currently boasts two Guinness World Records. His inaugural solo single, "Promise", posted on SoundCloud on December 30, 2018, set the record for the most-streamed track on the platform.

On May 22, Jimin further embellished his Guinness achievements, becoming the fastest male K-pop solo artist to amass 1 billion Spotify streams, doing so in a record 393 days. This record surpassed his BTS teammate Jungkook, who reached the 1 billion stream landmark in 409 days.

In March, Jimin unveiled his solo debut album, "Face", joining the ranks of his fellow BTS members who have released solo works.

J-Hope and Jin launched "Jack in the Box" and "The Astronaut" respectively last year, prior to commencing their compulsory South Korean military service. RM released "Indigo" last December, while Suga debuted his "D-Day" album in April, followed by his inaugural solo world tour spanning cities in the U.S. and Asia.