BTS V's 'Christmas Tree' has surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify, making it the fastest Korean Original Sound Track (K-OST) to reach this milestone.

'Christmas Tree', the main OST for the drama 'That Year, We', broke through 300 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, on June 22. As of June 25, the song has recorded over 307.4 million streams.

Released on Christmas Eve, 'Christmas Tree' managed to penetrate the high entry barrier amidst a plethora of Christmas carol songs, creating a buzz as the first-ever K-OST to chart on the Billboard 'Hot 100', the main singles chart in the United States.

The song demonstrated its powerful digital performance by ranking first on Billboard's 'Holiday Digital Song Sales' - a first for K-pop - and entered the 'Holiday 100' chart at 55th, staying on the chart for two consecutive weeks. It debuted at number one on the 'Digital Song Sales' chart, a first for a K-pop solo track, and took second place on both the UK Official Charts' 'Official Single Sales Chart' and 'Official Single Download Chart'. On its debut day on the American iTunes, the song ousted Mariah Carey's perennial favorite 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' to claim the top spot.

'Christmas Tree' also gained substantial popularity as a Christmas carol, having been voted the "Most Popular Christmas Song on Spotify Playlists" in a survey conducted by the British media, Edinburgh Live, last year.

V's emotional vocals significantly enhanced the immersion of the drama. Music director Nam Hye-seung, who worked on 'That Year, We' with V in mind from the song's conception, expressed satisfaction, stating, "V's voice possesses unique charm in both the low and high middle range, which made the songwriting process as much of a pleasure as it was a challenge."

On Spotify, the 'Most Streamed K-OST' is V's self-written OST 'Sweet Night', which has recorded 312.94 million streams. With 'Christmas Tree' following in second place, V has amassed over 600 million streams with his OSTs alone, solidifying his reputation as the King of OSTs.