'KCON LA 2023' has announced its lineup, promising a spectacular show of unprecedented scale.

Scheduled to run from August 18th to 20th at the Crypto.com Arena and LA Convention Center, CJ ENM's biggest global K-culture festival 'KCON LA 2023' will feature a stunning array of artists across three days.

The 'KCON LA 2023' show will host ATEEZ, CRAVITY, EVERGLOW, (G)I-DLE, INI, ITZY, IVE, JO1, Kep1er, Lapillus, NMIXX, RAIN, SHOWNU X HYUNGWON(MONSTA X), Stray Kids, TAEMIN, TAEYONG, THE BOYZ, WayV, Xikers, and ZEROBASEONE - a total of 20 teams. (*Artists listed in ABC order)

From legendary artists who have pioneered the global advancement of K-POP to the powerhouses of the next generation making waves on the global stage, a variety of K-POP stars are slated to perform, promising an eclectic show.

▲ Remarkable Lineup Set to Debut in the US via KCON

IVE, the iconic 4th generation girl group continuing the global IVE craze with their 'I AM' and 'Kitsch' hitting the US Billboard charts for seven consecutive weeks, will reveal their first US performance via KCON. In addition, the first unit born from the collaboration between SHOWNU and HYUNGWON of MONSTA X, known for their reliable performances and strong musical presence, will be making their debut at 'KCON LA 2023'. Moreover, Xikers, who remarkably entered the 'Billboard 200' just 12 days post-debut, will make their US debut at KCON. The 5th generation boy group ZEROBASEONE, formed through the participation of over 94 million votes from 184 countries via Boys Planet, will also make their US debut with their first album at KCON. In May, ZEROBASEONE, who were chosen as 'The K-POP Boy Group to Watch This Year' by the American GRAMMYs, have already proved their overwhelming popularity and buzz after showing their first full stage at 'KCON JAPAN 2023'.

▲ Male Solo Artists Set to Heat up LA with Explosive Performances

Solo artists continuing the lineage of K-POP global popularity are also expected to fill the stage with their commanding presence. First up, world star RAIN, who played a pioneering role in promoting K-POP as the first-generation Hallyu star, has secured his spot in the lineup. RAIN, a legendary artist whose existence alone proves his worth, is expected to shine at 'KCON LA 2023' with his top-tier performance. TAEMIN, an artist who not only led the global advancement of K-POP with SHINee but also consistently showcases record-breaking performances as a solo artist, is set to meet his long-awaiting global fans. The globally loved K-POP frontrunner NCT's TAEYONG will also join the show lineup for 'KCON LA 2023' with his first solo album. Expectations are high for a special performance from TAEYONG, an all-rounder who boasts excellent rap skills, charming vocals and performances, and perfect concept digestion with his solo album 'Charisma'.

Appearances by powerhouses such as THE BOYZ, who've successfully completed their mini 8th album promotion earlier this year and are now engaged in a worldwide tour, are set to bring their A-game to the festival. Their distinct, charismatic, and captivating performances are sure to garner attention and showcase their extensive prowess on the global stage.

▲Fifth-Generation K-Pop Sensations Set to Shine on the KCON Stage

The rising stars of the fifth generation K-pop, WayV, and xikers, who have captivated global audiences with their fresh and unique musical styles, will join the illustrious lineup at KCON LA 2023. WayV, a multinational seven-member group and an integral part of the global boy group NCT, will present a perfect mix of talents, languages, and cultures, while the sensational new act xikers, are ready to leave a unique mark on the global K-pop scene. After debuting just 12 days ago, they managed to hit 75th on the 'Billboard 200' and appear on seven different charts within Billboard, making them a promising rookie group to watch.

Moreover, the K-pop boy group ZEROBASEONE, formed by the public vote of 94 million from 184 countries via Boys Planet, will take the KCON stage in the U.S. for the first time since their debut album was launched. Having been selected as the 'K-POP Boy Group to Watch in 2023' by the GRAMMYs, ZEROBASEONE has proved their popularity and caused a sensation by delivering a stunning performance at KCON JAPAN 2023.

KCON LA 2023 will be a feast for fans and an unforgettable platform for these K-pop artists, allowing them to showcase their unique talents, artistry, and to further globalize K-pop music. With a blend of veteran idols and new-age talents, this grand event promises to be one for the ages, unfolding a new chapter in the K-pop world. The countdown begins!