Group Le Sserafim spectacularly kicked off the first day of the 2023 Weverse Con Festival.

Le Sserafim, consisting of Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Heo Yunjin, Kazaha, and Hong Eun Chae, dazzled audiences with a vibrant setlist - from collaborations with legendary artists to hit songs - at the festival held at KSPO Dome in Seoul's Olympic Park on June 10th.

Opening their show with performances of "The Great Mermaid" and "FEARLESS", Le Sserafim demonstrated their global popularity with multilingual greetings to the audience. With their charming wit and clever stage transitions, they captivated fans as they performed "ANTIFRAGILE" and "No Celestial". The audience responded with deafening sing-alongs to Le Sserafim's music, to which the group excitedly exclaimed, "You guys are amazing," and "This is incredibly fun!"

Their performance of "Eve, Psyche, and the Wife of the Bluebeard" - a track that caused a sensation by climbing up major domestic music charts - significantly heated up the venue. Showcasing their mastery of complex choreography, Leseraphim affirmed their status as the reigning queens of girl group performances. When the song "UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile Rodgers)" came on, the audience's cheers reached a fever pitch, and Le Sserafim concluded their set with a flawless performance and outstanding stage manners.

The group also grabbed attention with their performance of "Ending Credit" alongside Uhm Jung Hwa, the star of the tribute stage. The unique blend of Uhm's music with Le Sserafim's style birthed an extraordinary stage, leaving a mark on the history of legendary K-pop performances.

During this Weverse Con Festival, Leseraphim solidly engraved their identity, or "Leseraphim-ness", into the hearts of K-pop fans worldwide. They not only showed off their signature powerful choreography but also highlighted their graceful dance lines in the collaborative performances, truly embodying the essence of a fourth-generation girl group. They verified their mass popularity with fans singing along to every song, and their skilled interaction with the audience further raised anticipation for their future endeavors.