Korean pop sensation BTS, who've set unmatched records in the history of K-pop, are celebrating their 10th debut anniversary. Starting from June 5 with 'Bang Bang Con,' they've been releasing commemorative content, and now, for the first time in a while, they're launching a song with all members involved.

On June 9 (KST), BTS is set to release their digital single 'Take Two' across various music platforms. 'Take Two' is a heartfelt tribute to their fans in honor of their 10th anniversary (debut date June 13). The song intimately captures the emotions and stories BTS wishes to share with their fans.

Making a comeback as a complete unit after a long hiatus, BTS uses the theme of 'take two' to articulate their journey with their fandom, ARMY, and the days to come. The debut in 2013 marked the first beginning, and the message of the song resonates with the fact that all these years, and the second act that BTS is moving into, was made possible due to the constant presence of their ARMY. With Suga on production, and both RM and J-Hope participating in the song creation, the authenticity of the track is elevated. BTS compiled their gratitude for their moments with ARMY, their appreciation for the love their fans have given them, and their desire to continue this journey into 'Take Two'.

Debuting on June 13, 2013, BTS started with the title track 'No More Dream' from their first album '2 COOL 4 SKOOL.' Amidst the fresh and innocent boy-girl groups at that time, the appearance of hip-hop armed BTS felt unfamiliar. Though the results for the somewhat rough yet encouraging 'No More Dream' were a bit disappointing, it nonetheless firmly established the group's identity.

Since then, BTS began to transition with their 2015 album 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.1' and the title track 'I NEED U.' 'I NEED U' captivated audiences with its lyrical melody and presented a charm not seen before from BTS, captivating listeners with its popular and familiar melody. With subsequent hits such as 'RUN' and 'Butterfly,' BTS made a significant impact in 2016 with 'Blood Sweat & Tears.'

With hits like 'DNA,' 'FAKE LOVE,' 'Boy With Luv,' 'Dynamite,' 'Butter,' and more, they not only took over the Billboard charts in the US but also dominated globally. The December 2020 release, 'Life Goes On,' marked the first Korean song to enter the Billboard 'Hot 100' chart, while 'Butter' debuted at number one. Notably, 'Butter' maintained the number one position for seven consecutive weeks, setting a record. Songs like 'Permission to Dance' and 'Yet To Come' also consistently stayed on the 'Hot 100' chart.

As BTS embarks on their second act, members are focusing on their individual activities but continue to exert a significant impact, akin to their group endeavors. Notably, member Jimin caused quite a stir by entering the chart at number one with the title track 'Like Crazy' from his first solo album 'FACE' in April this year.

As the 'Beatles of the 21st Century,' the illustrious BTS is already sparking anticipation with 'Take Two.'

Meanwhile, BTS is planning to host their 10th anniversary FESTA (2023 BTS FESTA) and plans to sequentially release a variety of content.