The new Monday-Tuesday night drama series, "Delightfully Deceitful," has made a successful debut on tvN, featuring the acting talents of Kim Dong Wook and Chun Woo Hee. However, the show's buzz has largely focused on its leading man, Kim Dong Wook, due to his simultaneous involvement in another series, "My Perfect Stranger."

"Delightfully Deceitful" premiered on May 29, immediately garnering attention and provoking a flurry of mixed reviews on social media. The show, exploring a unique blend of mystery and personal relationships, was praised for its intriguing plot twists and array of original characters.

In the drama, viewers encounter Lee Ro Woom, played by Chun Woo Hee, a genius in memorization, and Han Moo Young, portrayed by Kim Dong Wook, a lawyer diagnosed with hyper-empathy syndrome. The narrative follows their journey of vengeance after Lee Ro Woom is acquitted from a decade-long false murder conviction.

In spite of these captivating elements, the limelight was firmly on Kim Dong Wook, who found himself in the midst of an unexpected controversy due to his concurrent roles in both "Delightfully Deceitful" and "My Perfect Stranger," a series broadcast by KBS2.

This unusual situation arose because "My Perfect Stranger," initially set to air in January for the Wednesday-Thursday slot, was delayed until May. Consequently, Dong Wook's dual television appearances will span over a month.

The director of "My Perfect Stranger" addressed this predicament during the media press conference held in late April. Expressing regret over the schedule clash, he said, "It's an unfortunate coincidence. As much as the staff worked hard for this project, we did our best in post-production so that the overlapping appearances wouldn't become an issue."

Despite the controversy, "Delightfully Deceitful" recorded impressive viewership ratings in its pilot episode, securing an average rating of 6.1 percent in metropolitan areas and 5.4 percent nationwide. The drama also clinched the top spot in its time slot across metropolitan areas and nationwide.

While the scenario of an actor starring in two ongoing dramas is unusual, viewers are keenly observing how this rare overlap plays out and how it affects the performance of the respective dramas.