BTS's Jimin, the first and only K-pop solo artist to clinch the number one spot on Billboard's 'Hot 100', continues to shine with significant global achievements.

The title track 'Like Crazy' from Jimin's solo album 'FACE' successfully maintained its spot on the Billboard 'Global 200' chart for eight consecutive weeks, ranking 39th as of May 27.

Jimin, who set a record as the Korean solo artist with the highest sales on this chart, debuted in the second place, and showed tenacity this week by climbing to 26th place on the 'Global 200 (Excluding US)' chart, up one step from the previous week.

'FACE' demonstrated its power by staying in the Top 10 on the 'World Album' chart for eight consecutive weeks, peaking at 7th this week. Jimin's 'FACE' is the only album by a Korean solo artist to stay at number one for four consecutive weeks on this chart.

Jimin also achieved an impressive feat by staying on the 'Top Current Album Sales' and 'Top Album Sales' charts for eight weeks straight, ranking 38th and 59th respectively, both of which debuted at number one.

With his pre-release track 'Set Me Free Pt.2' maintaining its spot on the 'Hot 100' chart for nine consecutive weeks, Jimin charted the main theme song 'Angel Pt.1' from the film 'Fast & Furious: Ride or Die', becoming the first Korean artist to participate in the soundtrack.

Before the official release of 'Angel Pt.1', a brief trailer featuring Jimin's captivating and beautiful high vocals received praise from listeners. This pushed him to the 5th spot on the Billboard 'R&B/Hip Hop Digital Song Sales' chart and 'Rap Digital Song Sales' chart, and 27th on the 'Digital Song Sales' chart.

Following the official release of 'Angel Pt.1' on May 24th, it shot to 6th place on the Billboard Japan 'Download Song' chart and 4th place on the 'Hot Overseas' chart as of May 25th. It also rose to 42nd place on the Billboard Canada 'Digital Song Sales' chart and 73rd on the Billboard Vietnam 'Hot 100' chart, hinting at promising success in the future.