YG's rookie girl group, BABYMONSTER, has stirred up global music fans with their explosive hip-hop energy.

YG Entertainment posted a 'BABYMONSTER - DANCE PERFORMANCE VIDEO (Jenny from the Block)' on their official blog on May 26, KST. The video showcases the next generation 'YG-style hip-hop identity,' completed by the unique charms of the seven members, evoking constant admiration.

Decked out in street fashion with matching caps, BABYMONSTER exuded a charisma starkly different from their previous appearances. They continued to showcase their unrestrained swagger, impressing with refreshing yet disciplined moves, which further elevated the atmosphere.

Most impressively, despite being pre-debut rookies, they stood out with their confidence, relaxed enjoyment of music, and powerful choreography executed without a single mistake. Their teamwork and limitless potential regardless of genre solidified their presence as a formidable 'monster rookie' armed with overwhelming skills.

This performance was created for BABYMONSTER by world-renowned choreographer Kiel Tutin. As such, BABYMONSTER's high-level capabilities and polished choreography, which YG has been meticulously preparing over a long period, have been met with enthusiastic responses from music fans worldwide.

BABYMONSTER is the girl group that YG is unveiling approximately seven years after BLACKPINK. The group is multinational, with members hailing from South Korea (Ah-Yeon, Ha-Ram, Ro-Ra), Thailand (Parita, Chikita), and Japan (Luca, Asa). As an 'all-rounder' group excelling in vocals, dance, rap, and visuals, they're carrying the weight of everyone's expectations.

As trainees pre-debut, they broke a record by reaching two million subscribers on their YouTube channel in the shortest period for a K-pop girl group - just 129 days. Their teaser content has surpassed 400 million views. BABYMONSTER's pre-debut song 'DREAM' topped Billboard's 'Hot Trending Songs' chart, signaling an extraordinary wave of popularity. They are scheduled to debut this fall.