The anticipated 'Dancing Queens on the Road' is finally lifting the curtain.

The premiere of tvN's 'Dancing Queens on the Road' on May 25th shares stories from the nationwide tour concert of Korea's top artists Kim Wan-sun, Uhm Jung-hwa, Lee Hyo-ri, BoA, and Hwasa. These five members will journey across the country, immersing themselves into everyday life, meeting fans face-to-face and sharing the joy of their performances.

Each member will reveal a solo stage at every stop with unique themes, promising legendary performances featuring their career-defining hits every episode.

In the first episode, the journey truly begins. Ahead of their inaugural performance at the Gunhangje Festival, the members surprise students at the Naval Academy with a guerrilla concert held at the school auditorium. The tension is palpable as they have just 60 minutes to complete the surprise performance.

Amid the buzz about what each stage will bring, the members' reactions during rehearsals stoke anticipation.

"'Timeless Masterpieces': A Stirring 'Dancing Queens on the Road' Rehearsal Performance That Gives You Chills"

The debut performance features hits from all the members, from Kim Wan-sun's 'Dance in the Rhythm' to Uhm Jung-hwa's 'Betrayal of the Rose', Lee Hyo-ri's '10 Minutes', BoA's 'No.1', and Hwasa's 'Twit'. Lee Hyo-ri added, "Timeless hits always bring joy regardless of the era," raising expectations even further.

Despite being well-known nationwide hits, the members are putting their all into giving these songs a fresh twist.

In the broadcast, Lee Hyo-ri showcases her rehearsal stage for '10 Minutes' in front of her colleagues. As the thrilling intro plays, Lee Hyo-ri brings back the vibes from her heyday, stirring up nostalgia. Hwasa couldn't help but exclaim, "It gives me goosebumps" as Lee Hyo-ri flawlessly executed the complex choreography.

38-year veteran Kim Wan-sun's 'Dance in the Rhythm' rehearsal performance is sure to quicken pulses. The dazzling dance routine from the intro to the effortless turns calls for an automatic standing ovation from the juniors. Lee Hyo-ri also revealed her fan spirit by dancing along.

Uhm Jung-hwa, known as 'Uhm-Sal Jung-hwa' in 'Dancing Queens on the Road', captivates with a dramatic transformation on stage, despite appearing nervous beforehand. Especially as the music of 'Betrayal of the Rose' begins, Uhm Jung-hwa immerses herself into the song, causing an expected wave of awe from her juniors.

The 'younger line' BoA and Hwasa also do not disappoint, moving the elder sisters with their performances. BoA sings 'NO.1' showcasing the ease of a 24-year stage veteran. Hwasa, despite initially jesting, "I will show you some charm in front of my seniors," plans to capture attention with her distinct charisma.

"The Sincerity Behind Preparing a 4-minute Stage, Expect a Dramatic Story"

'Dancing Queens on the Road' began when the five artists gathered the day after the 2021 MAMA for a brunch meeting. The show's PD, Kim Tae-ho, explained, "The keyword is 'empathy'. Despite different generations and eras, the five members displayed an inner bond. I thought that touring with them across the country would create amazing stories."

Even in difficult situations, the members' passion and sincerity in creating the stage performances are the key points to watch in 'Dance Troupe on Tour'.

Kim explained, "All five members are actively engaged in preparing for their performances and filming. While it is a 4-minute performance on air, there are one to two months of preparation involving song selection, choreography, and performance. From that, viewers will be able to see their sincerity and expect a dramatic story."

Meanwhile, 'Dancing Queens on the Road' was broadcasted at 10:30 pm on May 25, KST.