K-Pop group fromis_9 is boosting excitement for their comeback by hinting at their diverse allure.

fromis_9 is set to release their first full album 'Unlock My World' at 6 PM on June 5th, marking their first full-length album release in five years since their debut.

Previously, their management company Pledis Entertainment stated that 'Unlock My World' is a reflection of the group's resolve to step outside of societal expectations and confront the world as their true selves.

Indeed, fromis_9 has hinted at a fresh transformation, moving beyond their familiar image that fans have come to anticipate. Through three different versions of official photos released ahead of the comeback, they have showcased a facet of their personalities that goes beyond their formerly bright and youthful image.

From the free and trendy vibe of 'reality,' the chic and confident 'imagine,' to the youthful sensibility of 'notyet' that maintains the team's original color, they have displayed a charm that cannot be simply described in one phrase. Their enhanced visuals have also triggered an enthusiastic response from fans, heightening curiosity about 'Unlock My World.'

This theme was further explored in a mood film. The lively movements of the members were captured, each embodying their unique personalities. They flawlessly encapsulated various moods for each version. Especially, the individual 'reality' videos depicted the process of discovering their true selves, prompting questions such as, 'What do I really want?', 'What is my true self?', and 'What will I become?' to echo the album's message.

In the journey to find their 'real selves,' fromis_9 has hinted at a solid resolution for bold change rather than complacency. Their five-year journey has discovered a colorful and limitless new potential. Their unique visuals that blend seamlessly with any concept open up the possibility of blending well with other transformations.

Like the poignant phrase in the mood film, 'You seem different from your old self,' fromis_9, who is returning after about a year with a significant move in the form of a full-length album, is signaling growth beyond mere change, enhancing expectations. Enjoying fromis_9's stunning visuals within their diverse concept promotion is just a bonus. It remains a point of keen interest to see what kind of music will fill the form of these members who have confronted their 'real selves.'