BTS' Jungkook has illuminated his global popularity as his World Cup song 'Dreamers' music video achieved over 5 million 'likes.'

The music video for 'Dreamers' by Jungkook of BTS, which was released last November under the title 'Jung Kook (of BTS) featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi - Dreamers | FIFA World Cup 2022 Soundtrack' on the official YouTube channel of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), has recently recorded over 5 million 'likes.'

The 'Dreamers' music video shattered 150 million views just four months after its release and, as of May 17th, is on the brink of hitting 160 million views. The 'Dreamers' music video has boasted overwhelming popularity, ranking first in the all-time cumulative views on FIFA's official YouTube channel.

Along with this, the 'Dreamers' opening ceremony performance video, released on FIFA's official YouTube with the title 'Jung Kook from BTS performs 'Dreamers' at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony' on November 20th, has surpassed 50 million views. This is the tenth highest view count on the channel.

The '2022 Qatar World Cup' opening ceremony performance video, released under the title 'Jung Kook (Jung Kook) 'Dreamers' @ FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Opening Ceremony' on BTS' official YouTube channel 'BANGTANTV', is also on the verge of surpassing 130 million views and 4 million 'likes.'

Jungkook has set a record with this video as the first Asian solo artist to reach 100 million views on a live performance video in the shortest time.

Meanwhile, 'Dreamers' has surpassed 250 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, and continues to demonstrate its global music power, charting on iTunes, a global music platform, for a total of 115 days.