iKON's Bobby has successfully completed his first solo tour in Japan amid explosive support from fans.

From April, Bobby held a total of six shows in three cities, including Yokohama, Fukuoka, and Osaka, as part of his 'BOBBY JAPAN TOUR 2023 ~SiR~ ' As this was his first solo performance since his debut nine years ago, local fans in Japan showed high interest, with related search terms trending on social media. Additionally, the early sellout of tour merchandise and fans flocking to the venue even on weekdays demonstrated Bobby's unwavering popularity in the country.

The finale of the tour, held on May 8th at Zepp Osaka Bayside, was more spectacular and heated than ever. From the opening stages featuring songs like 'HOLUP!' and 'U MAD,' Bobby captivated fans with his intense energy, and fans responded by singing along and cheering throughout the performance. He also prepared Osaka dialect to engage with fans, who responded enthusiastically.

Bobby dedicated great effort to ensuring fan satisfaction during his first solo tour. From the planning stage, he collaborated with staff to contribute various ideas for the overall direction of the show. With a unique setlist ranging from powerful rap to melodious ballads, he presented an exclusive musical world that only artist Bobby could offer. The combination of his overwhelming live performances, a stylish band session sound, and impressive stage special effects elevated the overall quality of the concerts.

In particular, he delivered the best stages by performing not only his existing hit songs and hidden gems but also the title track 'Drowning' from his recently released first solo single 'S.i.R' and the new song 'Sakura' premiered on this tour. Fans, too, enjoyed the concert wholeheartedly, standing and waving their lightsticks while singing along and continuously chanting Bobby's name from the beginning to the encore stage.

Bobby expressed his joy and gratitude, saying, "This is the moment I've been waiting for. I'm truly happy and moved by seeing all of you enjoying the performance with smiles on your faces. Let's enjoy the last stage to the fullest." He also mentioned iKON's '2023 iKON WORLD TOUR TAKE OFF,' which took place on May 5th and 6th at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, asking for continued support for iKON's activities.

Having wrapped up his first solo tour in Japan, Bobby is set to meet more fans with 'BOBBY JAPAN TOUR 2023 SiR: REBOOT' scheduled for November 1st at Zepp Osaka Bayside and November 9th at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, fueled by the passionate support from local fans.