As the popularity of 4th generation idol groups reaches its peak, rookie groups being launched are now being labeled as the 5th generation. While girl groups such as IVE, Leseriphim, and NewJins are engaged in fierce competition for 4th generation dominance, one may wonder how the 5th generation landscape will be shaped, especially as the launch of boy groups appears to be more active and gaining momentum.

Since January this year, MHN Entertainment, home to singer Chungha, has launched an 8-member boy group called 8TURN. They have now completed their debut activities and are on the rise with a successful overseas debut.

KQ Entertainment, the agency behind successful groups like Block B and ATEEZ, also launched a new boy group. In March, they introduced the 10-member multinational boy group Xikers, whose double title tracks have surpassed 10 million views. Additionally, their initial album sales exceeded 100,000 copies, making it the 5th highest debut album sales for a boy group. They also made it onto the Billboard 200 chart.

The large Chinese agency, One Cool Jasco Entertainment, has also thrown its hat into the ring with the 9-member multinational boy group XODIAC. The group has made unprecedented moves, such as being the first K-pop idol group to film a music video at Hong Kong Disneyland, decorating the covers of famous overseas magazines, and achieving two major awards on Weibo.

Leveraging their experience with various audition programs, Mnet launched a survival show called "Boys Planet," resulting in the birth of the 9-member boy group ZEROBASEONE after three months of competition. They have already demonstrated strong global power by achieving 1 million followers in the shortest time among K-pop groups, even before their debut.

WithUs, a label under Highlight's agency Around Us, is set to debut the 7-member group The Wind on the 15th. They have already warmed up with a solo concert called "The Wind World" at Lotte World Adventure's Garden Stage in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Including members born in 2007 and 2008, they are dubbed the "youngest boy group."

BTS's agency, HYBE, is also preparing a major project. Under the umbrella of their label KOZ Entertainment, they will launch the 6-member boy group BOYNEXTDOOR on the 30th, under the supervision of ZICO. Alongside ZICO, producers like Pop Time and Kako have participated in the production of the debut single, raising its quality. The combination of HYBE's rich production infrastructure and KOZ Entertainment's trendy sensibility is expected to create infinite synergy.

Fantagio, the agency of ASTRO, is also launching the 8-member boy group LUN8, their first in over seven years. The team name carries the meaning of "eight boys embracing the moonlight." With their debut scheduled for the first half of the year, they are receiving fans' anticipation with the release of various content.

Additionally, prominent agencies SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are planning to launch boy groups, while MBC's "After School Excitement" Season 2, titled "Boy Fantasy," is also in full swing on their journey to create a new boy group.