Cultural critic Kim Kap Soo attempted to clarify his comments following criticism of Park Eun Bin's emotional speech at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, where she won the grand prize. After questioning Park Eun Bin's demeanor, Kim Kap Soo explained he did not mean to target the Extraordinary Attorney Woo star but used her as an example.

Kim Kap Soo's Initial Remarks on Park Eun Bin In his original statement on the YouTube channel Podppang Maebul Show via All Kpop, Kim Kap Soo argued that emotions should be controlled during award ceremonies. He criticized the 30-year-old actress for her excessive tears and numerous bows.

"I'm really sorry, Ms. Park Eun Bin, who received the grand prize," he said. "She's an amazing actress and will do better, but she was crying with her nose running; it's just..."

Host Choi Wook attempted to counter his guest's comments, asking if Park Eun Bin couldn't be emotional after receiving such a prestigious award.

"Not only at award ceremonies, but you shouldn't provoke emotions in front of others under any circumstances," Kim Kap Soo responded.

He then noted that The King's Affection star bowed more than 30 times to those around her as she made her way to the stage.

"What kind of manners is that?" he inquired.

Kim Kap Soo then compared her to Song Hye Kyo, suggesting she should maintain her dignity and learn from The Glory star.

Kim Kap Soo Addresses Park Eun Bin Comments Following a wave of criticism from netizens, Kim Kap Soo emphasized that his remarks were not aimed at Park Eun Bin but merely used her as an example.

"It doesn't matter if there is much criticism about me. But Park Eun Bin became the subject of my story," he clarified in an interview with IMBC Entertainment.

"I was expressing my thoughts that our society is immature and that the members of our society are still expressing themselves without the virtue of self-restraint in the relationship between people," he continued.

He mentioned two aspects of award ceremonies he wanted to address.

"One is that there is no content in the speech, and only the expression of gratitude to individuals is repeated," Kim Kap Soo revealed. "When you're in the spotlight, at least the suppression of emotions is required."

He acknowledged that it has been widely accepted to display emotions and had no intention of personally attacking Park Eun Bin.

"I just took her as an example because she is the grand prize winner, and she stood in the public's eyes," he stated.