K-pop charts at the end of April have been dominated by IVE and SEVENTEEN.

On the 4th, the Korea Music Contents Association revealed the results of the 17th week (April 23-29) Circle Chart divisions.

According to the released information, the 17th week Circle Chart saw IVE and SEVENTEEN's multiple wins, alongside BTS's Suga and Jimin, Fifty Fifty, Taeyang, Newkidd, STAYC, Lim Young Woong, WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn), and Extraordinary Heroes ranking at the top of their respective divisions.

Firstly, IVE secured first place in three divisions, including Global K-pop, Digital, and Streaming, with the title track "I AM" from their first full album 'I've IVE.'

With the charm of their new song emphasizing a different maturity and sophistication, the cumulative achievements from a month of activities since the album's release at the end of last month became new driving factors, leading to a two-week consecutive record in each division and the popularity of the pre-released song 'Kitsch' (Global K-pop 5th, Digital 2nd).

SEVENTEEN recorded three wins, including first place in Download with their title track "Son Oh Gong" and dominating the Album and Retail Album charts with their 10th mini-album 'FML,' which included 3,365,240 physical albums, nearly 400,000 Weverse albums, and 140,000 KiT albums.

Their popularity as global artists, the buzz of their comeback after nine months, and the diverse album composition featuring their first-ever double title tracks and unit tracks seemed to stimulate a massive global fan base.

Along with the long-running hits of these top contenders, the Global K-pop, Digital, and Album charts were filled with diverse records of recent trends. The Global K-pop chart was formed with records of Newkidd (OMG 6th, Ditto 8th, Hype boy 10th), the "miracle of small idols" Fifty Fifty (Cupid 2nd), BLACKPINK's Jisoo 'Flower' (3rd), SEVENTEEN 'Son Oh Gong' (4th), Agust D 'Haegum' (7th), and BTS's Jimin 'Like Crazy' (9th).

The Digital Comprehensive Chart, centered on Korea, showed IVE, BLACKPINK's Jisoo 'Flower' (3rd), STAYC 'Teddy Bear' (7th), Lim Young Woong 'London Boy' (10th), SEVENTEEN (Son Oh Gong 4th, F*ck My Life 9th), and Newkidd (Ditto 5th, Hype boy 6th, OMG 8th) dominating the top ranks.

In the Album division, alongside SEVENTEEN's top rankings, albums that received love included Suga's solo album D-DAY as Agust D (155,124 copies, 3rd), IVE's first full album 'I've IVE' (133,112 copies), EPEX's fifth EP 'Love's Letter Chapter 2: Growing Pains' (109,046 copies), Stray Kids' 'MAXIDENT' (105,942 copies), Extraordinary Heroes' Deadlock (93,891 copies), WOODZ's 'OO-LI' (66,830 copies), and Taeyang's 'Down to Earth' (62,500 copies).

Meanwhile, the CIRCLE CHART is a globally recognized K-pop chart officially linked to digital technology and global data, based on the 'Gaon Chart' that has been operating for over 10 years since 2010.