YG Entertainment's new girl group BabyMonster will confirm their final lineup on May 12.

On April 28 (KST), YG Entertainment posted the eighth episode of BabyMonster - "Last Evolution" on their official blog. The final episode unveiled the curtain on the debut reality show, where the prospective members have been creating legendary stages in each episode, working hard for their dreams.

Under the guidance of YGX dance trainer Lee Jung, the BabyMonster trainees practiced a 2NE1 mashup for their last mission. Not only did they quickly master the high-level choreography, but their detailed control of intensity also maximized the charm of the original songs, surprising Lee Jung.

Their unique charms shined through in the "Can't Nobody" choreography creation challenge, a special highlight of the episode. Luca delivered a powerful addiction, Asa radiated powerful energy, and Haram fully understood and expressed the song through her dance. Chiquita became the protagonist of the "Fire" signature choreography, earning high praise for her captivating presence.

Finally, the last evaluation day approached. With flawless, knife-like group choreography and the members' shining individuality harmoniously blending on stage, the atmosphere was heated. YG senior artists unanimously praised the performance, saying, "It was a stage we couldn't dare to evaluate," and "We were deeply moved by your sincerity."

After the final evaluation, the members poured out their emotions, encouraging each other with warm applause and hugs. Reflecting on past evaluations, they shared heartfelt sentiments, saying, "We couldn't have done it alone," "We were happy to be together," and "We hope everything goes well for everyone."

As "Last Evolution" comes to an end, curiosity surrounding BabyMonster's debut lineup has reached its peak. Executive producer Yang Hyun-suk revealed, "Baby Monsters were initially planned as a 5-member group from the early stages," and added, "I haven't decided on the members in my heart yet. The final lineup will be publicly announced at midnight on May 12."

BabyMonster is YG's first new girl group in about seven years since BLACKPINK. The prospective members include three from Korea (Ah-Hyun, Haram, and Rora), two from Thailand (Parita and Chiquita), and two from Japan (Luca and Asa), most of whom are in their teens. As a highly anticipated newcomer that YG has been preparing for a long time, BabyMonster is expected to change the landscape of not only the domestic music scene but also the global music market. Billboard has also selected BabyMonster as a "K-pop Artist to Watch," predicting they will "create a new wave in the K-pop genre."