YG Entertainment's rookie girl group BABYMONSTER is receiving spotlight from foreign media outlets, hinting at a popularity surge.

On the 24th (local time), the American music-focused publication Billboard selected BABYMONSTER as a "K-pop Artist to Watch," and highlighted the global fans' interest in them.

Billboard predicted that BABYMONSTER, who hasn't even released an album yet, will undoubtedly create a new wave in the K-pop genre. They cited the group's solid performance skills and their potential as YG's next megastar rookies following the global top group BLACKPINK.

Furthermore, Billboard noted YG's active promotion and BABYMONSTER's rapid rise on YouTube, stating that fans will passionately respond when they make their official debut. They also recommended BABYMONSTER's cover videos, such as "Don't Know What To Do," "Me, Myself & I," "Someone You Loved," and "traitor."

Not only Billboard but also the famous British music magazine NME consistently reported on BABYMONSTER's debut reality show and the performance videos of the seven members, emphasizing their "all-rounder" talents. It is somewhat unusual for trainees who have not yet debuted to be covered by major foreign media outlets. This shows the high expectations for the girl group that YG is launching for the first time in about seven years after BLACKPINK.

BABYMONSTER: YG's New Megastars to Follow BLACKPINK's Success, Praised by Billboard
(Photo : YG Entertainment )

BABYMONSTER consists of a multinational lineup, with three Korean members (Ahyun, Haram, Rora), two Thai members (Pharita, Chiquita), and two Japanese members (Ruka, Asa). This suggests that YG is ambitiously preparing them to target the global market.

Notably, BABYMONSTER is proving their "all-rounder" capabilities in their debut reality show "Last Evaluation," where they perform various missions under the sharp scrutiny of experts, showcasing their vocal, dance, rap, and visual talents. They recently displayed a teamwork-focused stage with "Scars To Your Beautiful," demonstrating their monster rookie-worthy skills.

Their YouTube power is also impressive. As of the 25th, BABYMONSTER's YouTube subscribers surpassed 1.82 million, and their accumulated content views exceeded 350 million. Considering that these views are only from their pre-debut content, including the seven members' live videos, dance performance videos, and individual introduction videos, it's an admirable achievement.