YG Entertainment's rookie girl group BABYMONSTER has drawn the enthusiastic response of global music fans with their perfect teamwork and high-quality performance that rivals music shows.

On the 21st, YG Entertainment posted BABYMONSTER - 'Last Evaluation' EP.7 on its official blog. The video captures the passion and results of the seven pre-debut members as they tackle the group vocal mission, including the stage of Ahyeon, the final solo vocal mission participant.

Ahyeon, who had struggled with song selection in the previous episode, managed to impress senior artists with a high-quality performance of "Dangerously" despite the short practice period. The control of her voice, effortlessly switching between true and falsetto, was an unbelievable skill for a trainee.

Kang Seungyoon applauded, saying, "It's like watching a power show with her voice." The YGX dance trainer also praised her as the "most fitting character for the team name." Yang Hyun Suk, the executive producer, also praised her, saying, "She has the highest vocal range among the seven members. I felt her unwavering commitment to giving her best."

The following mission was a group vocal mission. Teamwork is a crucial element for the best teams. BABYMONSTER had never sung in harmony together before and was briefly flustered, but they quickly discussed song selection and part distribution.

Despite this being their first attempt at harmony, BABYMONSTER created a beautiful harmony under Ahyeon's detailed teaching and Haram's proactive vocal lead. Chikita, the youngest member who found group songs a bit difficult due to her short training period, managed to maintain a proud smile with Ahyeon's strong advice and affectionate encouragement.

BABYMONSTER's endless efforts shone brightly on the day of the competition. The seven members who chose "Scars To Your Beautiful" showcased their individual strengths within their solid skills and perfectly digested the harmony, demonstrating astonishing synergy. Lee Chanhyuk couldn't help but marvel, saying, "It felt like watching a music show's ending stage."

Finally, the last gateway to their debut opened. As the video ends, BABYMONSTER's final mission, a group dance stage, is teased. Executive Producer Yang Hyun Suk previously stated, "All seven members cannot debut together," drawing global fans' attention to the final debut lineup.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is YG's new girl group introduced about seven years after BLACKPINK. The pre-debut members include three Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), two Thais (Pharita, Chiquita), and two Japanese (Ruka, Asa), most of whom are teenagers. The debut reality show 'Last Evaluation' for final member selection is released every Friday at midnight.