Former BIGBANG member Seungri, who was discreetly released from prison, has once again sparked controversy with his seemingly unapologetic recent activities. Has he truly shown any remorse?

Seungri, who was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison for several charges related to the Burning Sun club scandal, was released in February. Initially, he was expected to be released on February 11, but he left prison two days earlier, avoiding the media's attention.

The former K-pop star faced multiple accusations, including prostitution and embezzlement, in connection with the Burning Sun scandal that emerged in early 2019. Seungri was officially charged in June 2019 and handed over to trial in January 2020, during which he denied most of the allegations against him.

After his release, Seungri made headlines for his alleged relationship with actress and influencer Yoo Hye-won. In March, entertainment outlet Dispatch reported that the two had been spotted together at a luxury hotel in Bangkok. Yoo Hye-won did not comment on the dating rumors but expressed her intent to take legal action against groundless speculations and malicious comments.

Recently, a video of Seungri at a social gathering with friends abroad has circulated online. In the video, Seungri is seen sitting in a Korean restaurant, wearing sunglasses, and demonstrating how to traditionally mix soju, a popular Korean liquor. The video was initially shared by an Indonesian influencer who mentioned on social media that they had discussed Seungri's time in prison, the K-pop industry, and politics for two hours.

Seungri's recent actions, including his trips abroad with his alleged girlfriend and videos of him enjoying soju, have raised questions about whether he feels any remorse for his past actions. Seeing the current state of Seungri, who was once the beloved youngest member of BIGBANG, leaves many with mixed feelings.