BTS member Jimin has become a global sensation as he embarks on his first activity as an ambassador for Tiffany & Co.

Jimin, who has been appointed the official ambassador for the world-renowned jewelry house Tiffany & Co., stars in the brand's latest campaign, 'This is Tiffany.' In the campaign video, he captivates viewers with his stunning visuals and elegant, sophisticated demeanor, dressed in a classic black suit and adorned with the 'Hardware' collection, one of Tiffany's signature lines. The praise, "Jimin is Tiffany," aptly describes his presence.

In another video, Jimin appears wearing jewelry from the 'Tiffany T' collection, inspired by the brand's logo, and dressed in a casual jacket. He exudes a stylish yet luxurious charm while engaging in everyday activities, such as using his phone.

Tiffany actively promoted Jimin by changing their official Twitter header to a picture of him. The video featuring Jimin on their Instagram account broke the record for the most views among all the brand's videos within just one day.

Global media outlets reported the news, saying, "Brand ambassador and 21st-century pop icon, Jimin, has joined Tiffany & Co.'s new campaign." On Twitter, the hashtag '#JiminXTiffanyAndCo' reached the number one spot in worldwide trends, sparking an explosive response.

Since April 10th, Jimin's 'This is Tiffany' campaign has been prominently displayed in Tiffany stores worldwide and on large billboards in urban areas. With more videos being released, anticipation for his future activities continues to grow.