The K-pop world is witnessing a noticeable height difference among idols from various generations. In a recent episode of "Amazing Saturday," viewers were surprised by the striking height gap between IVE's Jang Won Young and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, sparking conversations among fans and netizens.

A 13-Centimeter Difference IVE's Jang Won Young and Liz appeared as guests on the April 8th episode of "Amazing Saturday," which features Girls' Generation's Taeyeon as a regular cast member. The height contrast between the two female idols was unmistakable, with Jang Won Young towering over Taeyeon.

Jang Won Young measures 173 centimeters, while Taeyeon is around 158 to 160 centimeters, creating an approximately 13-centimeter disparity. Jang Won Young's heels during the episode only further emphasized the height difference.

Debate Over Jang Won Young's Actual Height As fans admire Jang Won Young's model-like appearance and long legs, some netizens have started questioning her true height. Although her profile states she is 173 centimeters, some suspect she is closer to 180 centimeters. Fans have shared pictures of Jang Won Young alongside other idols in an attempt to prove their theories, while others argue that her slim figure and excellent proportions make her look taller.

Comparing Heights: Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and IVE Members IVE members are known for their impressive statures, with Gaeul being the shortest at 164 centimeters and Jang Won Young the tallest at around 173 centimeters. Yujin and Liz follow closely at 172 and 171 centimeters, respectively. In the "Amazing Saturday" episode, Taeyeon stood beside Liz and Jang Won Young, and the height gap between the senior and junior K-pop idols was striking. Taeyeon looked significantly shorter than the towering IVE members, highlighting the growing trend of taller female idols in the K-pop scene.

Netizens Discuss the Height Gap The height discrepancy between Taeyeon and IVE members has amused netizens and generated discussions on online forums. Fans have shared comments about the adorable comparison, while others have debated the K-pop stars' true heights. The conversation underscores the evident height increase among newer K-pop idol generations, a trend expected to persist.

Fans shared various comments on the height difference, such as "Taeyeon is cute," and "There must be a difference in taste. If you like a small style, Taeyeon. If you like a tall style, Wonyoung, Geundi."

Meanwhile, fans continue to enjoy the endearing height difference between these talented idols.

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