GOT7's BamBam has recently come under scrutiny for comments he made about NewJeans' Haerin during an episode of Bam's House. The remarks have been deemed inappropriate by some netizens, while others argue that they were taken out of context. In response to the controversy, ABYSS Company announced plans to pursue legal action against "malicious commenters."

BamBam's Controversial Remarks on Bam's House In a conversation with YouTuber Poongja on Bam's House, BamBam mentioned being a fan of aespa's Winter and NewJeans' Haerin, stating that their music has a healing effect on him. He also shared his preference for women with short hair.

When Poongja prompted BamBam to choose between Nayeon (from Transit Love) and Haerin, BamBam picked Haerin but expressed concern about her young age (16 years old) and described the conversation as "risky." This sparked criticism from netizens who found his comments "creepy" and inappropriate, considering the NewJeans member's age.

Poongja: Between Nayeon (Transit Love) and Haerin, then?

BamBam: Haerin? From NewJeans?

Poongja: That's right.

BamBam: Haerin. Except she's too young. Wait, yeah. She's literally too young.

Poongja: Who are you even talking to? Is your CEO here somewhere?

BamBam: No, I'm... I mean, it's kind of risky.

Poongja: What's risky about this?!

BamBam: As an ideal type?

Poongja: You can absolutely like her as a fan. I like Park Seo Joon. It doesn't mean I'm going to do something to him.

Netizens' Reactions BamBam's comments ignited a debate on Reddit, with a post garnering over 750 comments and 1.6k upvotes. Some users agreed that his remarks were concerning, while others maintained that the circulated clips on social media took his words out of context and that the full episode should be watched to understand the situation better.

ABYSS Company Takes Action Following the backlash, BamBam's label, ABYSS Company, announced its intent to take legal action against "malicious commenters." Although the company did not specify which comments led to this decision, the timing suggests that it may be connected to the controversy around the Bam's House clips.

In a statement, ABYSS Company said:

"Malicious posts and abusive language directed at artists in the name of anonymity are clearly criminal acts. As a result, without any agreement or leniency, the company will seek civil and criminal legal action and will take strict measures to pay a reasonable price for future damage cases."

ABYSS Company also requested active cooperation from those with information on malicious posts and pledged to continue protecting their artists' rights and interests.

The debate surrounding GOT7's BamBam and his comments about NewJeans' Haerin continues, with some netizens asserting that his remarks were taken out of context and others insisting they were inappropriate given Haerin's age. In response to the controversy, ABYSS Company has announced its intention to pursue legal action against those responsible for malicious comments.