IVE's Yujin promoted her group's strengths during their appearance on cable channel tvN's variety show "Amazing Saturday," also known as DoReMi Market.

On the evening of the 8th, IVE appeared as a complete group on "Amazing Saturday" to celebrate the show's fifth anniversary. The group was divided into three teams: the youngest team with Rei and Lee Seo, the sister team with Yujin and Gaeul, and the same-age team with Wonyoung and Liz.

MC Boom remarked that each team had distinct strengths and concepts, saying, "Yujin and Gaeul's team have outstanding charisma and a 'know-it-all' energy compared to the other teams."

Yujin responded, "This is my fourth appearance on 'Amazing Saturday.' I can say that I am the most frequent guest among our members." She continued, "And I also got a one-shot (a special highlight) last time I was here. Our team is already complete with me, and our sister (Gaeul) knows a lot about K-POP."

Gaeul agreed with Yujin's statement, explaining, "The two of us often present opinions and have strong assertions within the team."

Boom playfully asked, "If you have strong assertions, don't you ignore the other members' opinions?", while Wonyoung joked, "Isn't that bad teamwork?" This brought laughter to the set.

Yujin countered, "But we're flexible. We're open to negotiation."

However, when Boom asked, "Would you exclude a member with no logic?", Yujin responded, "We'd mute a member with no logic right away," causing more laughter on the show.