KONNECT Entertainment has provided new information on the legal proceedings against abusive remarks and blog posts on behalf of the K-pop idol Kang Daniel.

The company put out a statement for the general public on July 28, that reads:

"This is Kang Daniel's Managing Label, KONNECT Entertainment.

As we reported in previous articles, we are trying to battle Kang Daniel digitally for abusive and slanderous remarks. We collaborate with LIWU Law Group to handle the "Clean Internet Center" since April 2020. The Clean Internet Center monitoring team continuously tracks threads that steer our artists through derogatory insinuations, sexual harassment, and defamation, and fans always send us tips. With our gathering cases, we undertake a legal review and take action, including sending stern alerts and demands for the deletion of posts to those making those posts." (via Soompi)

KONNECT Entertainment added that despite their actions executed with the "Clean Internet Center," warning people who posted misleading information about Kang Daniel, the agency still passed their third round of legal complaints to the Prosecutor's office handling the artist's case last July 24, 2020.

Although the label was able to see results like the decreasing of the slanderous remarks on social media and other platforms, however, the company insisted on pursuing a legal investigation and criminal punishment showing no leniency on individuals who will refuse to comply with their warnings.

KONNECT Entertainment stressed that they would do anything to protect their artist's physical and mental health well-being. They will continue to work with the Clean Internet Center to lessen the unsubstantial claims and teach negative commenters a more responsible way of using the internet without insulting or hurting other people.

They concluded their statement by thanking the fans for their undying support for Kang Daniel. The label also thanked those fans who sent them tips for the investigation to go smoothly.