Last month, BLACKPINK's Jisoo made a comeback and became the first female artist to achieve pre-order million-seller status with over 1.3 million copies of her debut solo single album "ME."

Following the release of solo single albums by BLACKPINK members, Jisoo started pre-orders for her first single album. She also began pre-order sales for the YG TAG Album (LP version), a smart album, and achieved the record of becoming the first female solo artist to surpass one million pre-orders in just two days.

Exclusive benefits are offered to those who purchase the album from the NEMOZ SHOP, run by Nemoz Lab, such as a keyring for carrying the TAG LP. As a result, Jisoo's album sales are expected to continue to grow steadily.

Jisoo's YG TAG Album, released with her comeback, is a smart album platform created by Nemoz Lab and YG Entertainment. The YG x NEMOZ app provides lyrics in 12 languages for numerous YG fans worldwide, as well as a phonetic guide to sing along in Korean. With an easy and intuitive UI and UX, various contents such as videos and images can be enjoyed in multiple languages, receiving a great response from global fans.

Jisoo's single album "ME" YG TAG Album (LP version) consists of a 4.5cm diameter TAG LP with built-in NFC, a set of seven Jisoo photo cards, and one random selfie photo card.

Through the YG x NEMOZ app, fans can enjoy Jisoo's single album "ME" in various languages and listen to her music while viewing her captivating images using the newly added mood player feature. Additionally, all elements of the YG TAG Album (LP version), including packaging, are made from eco-friendly materials.

The plastic raw material used to produce the TAG LP is Ecozen, a bio-plastic made in Korea using an environmentally friendly process. It is a highly stable and low-toxicity material that has gained significant attention for being used in food containers.

Jisoo's debut single album "ME" YG TAG Album (LP version) includes the title track 'Flower', 'All Eyes On ME', instrumental versions of both songs, and a collection of Jisoo's photo images.

The album can be purchased from various online and offline record stores, including NEMOZ SHOP, which offers exclusive benefits, YG SELECT, ktown4U, Hottracks, Interpark, and Aladin.