BTS member RM attended the VIP screening of the movie "Rebound," showing loyalty to director Jang Hang-jun.

On the 3rd, RM shared a photo with the caption, "Director Maltese, fighting... #Rebound." The released photo captures the actors, including director Jang Hang-jun, on stage during the VIP screening of 'Rebound' held at CGV Yongsan I'Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

RM attended the VIP screening at the invitation of director Jang Hang-jun. In a previous interview, the director mentioned, "I told RM explicitly. I don't hide my intentions when I talk. 'Namjoon, I want to benefit from you at least once.' I always say things like that. I even asked Seol Kyung-gu to send a coffee truck because I wanted to catch him. So I asked RM to come to the screening if he had time."

By attending the "Rebound" screening, RM demonstrated his loyalty and warmth towards director Jang Hang-jun. The director is in charge of directing "Rebound," which will be released on the 5th. "Rebound" tells the miraculous eight-day journey of a new coach and six players from a weak high school basketball team that no one paid attention to during the 2012 National High School Basketball Championship. The film is based on a true story of Busan Central High School's achievements at the 2012 Korean Basketball Association National Middle and High School Basketball Championship.