Musical actor Kang Eun-il appeared on "Attack of the Sisters," tearfully confessing his experience of being falsely accused of sexual assault and living in prison for five months.

On the April 4th episode of "Attack of the Sisters," Kang Eun-il expressed his desire to be remembered as an actor rather than as a victim of false accusations.

When Kang Eun-il appeared on the show, Kim Ho-young greeted him warmly, saying, "A friend I know has come." Kang Eun-il shared his connection with Kim Ho-young, saying, "In 2016, I played the same role as my senior [Kim Ho-young] in the musical 'Aida.'" Kim Ho-young playfully emphasized his seniority by stating, "I already did it in 2005."

Kang Eun-il then opened up about the harrowing experience of being charged with sexual assault, having to halt his activities, enduring a lengthy legal battle, and living in prison for five months before ultimately being acquitted by the Supreme Court.

He recalled, "After being detained during the first trial, I had to drop out of all the productions I was scheduled to appear in. Soon after, my agency terminated my contract." Park Mi-sun empathized with Kang Eun-il's plight, saying, "Everything must have been so difficult," while Jang Young-ran expressed her shock, asking, "What is going on?"

As the story unfolded, Kang Eun-il's eyes turned red, and the three MCs expressed their anger, fueling curiosity about Kang Eun-il's story.

"Attack of the Sisters" aired on April 4th at 8:20 pm. (Korean Time)