Daesung, formerly of the popular K-pop group BIGBANG, is starting anew with R&D Company.

On April 3rd, R&D Company announced, "We have signed an exclusive contract with Daesung, who has been loved by K-pop fans worldwide as a member of BIGBANG. We promise to provide full support through D-LABLE, a dedicated team for Daesung, to showcase his talents in various fields, including music." Notably, Daesung has embarked on this new journey with R&D Company alongside his manager, who has been by his side for over 10 years since his BIGBANG days.

Daesung, who has now joined R&D Company, debuted with BIGBANG in 2006 and has since had a brilliant career. With numerous hit songs such as 'La La La', 'Lies', 'Last Farewell', 'Day by Day', 'Sunset Glow', 'BAD BOY', 'LOSER', and 'BANG BANG BANG', BIGBANG topped music charts, swept awards at various ceremonies, and solidified their position as a group with both a strong fandom and mainstream appeal.

In addition to his group activities, Daesung has showcased his versatility as a vocalist through solo albums spanning various genres from ballads to trot, such as 'Try Smiling', 'Look at Me, GwiSoon', 'It's a Big Hit!', and 'Cotton Candy'. He has also proven his talents in musicals like 'Shouting' and 'Cats'.

Daesung has also made a name for himself as an entertainer with his witty remarks on shows like 'Family Outing' and 'Night After Night'. Recently, he has been appearing on various broadcast programs and consistently uploading content to his personal YouTube channel 'D'splay', making sure to stay connected with his fans.

R&D Company, Daesung's new agency, is a comprehensive entertainment company with industry veterans on board. Alongside artists like Chun Myung-hoon, Lisa, Navi, Kyung Seo, KISUM, Ha Eun, comedian An Il-kwon, and actor Shin Joo-ah, R&D Company plans to support Daesung's diverse activities by operating the dedicated team D-LABLE. Daesung is set to be active in various fields, including singing, musicals, acting, performances, and broadcasting in 2023.