Sports Chosun journalist Lee Jeong-hyuk reports on the growing curiosity surrounding the personal lives and editing controversy involving the Kwang-soo and Soon-ja couple on the South Korean reality show "I Am Solo."

The "Kwang-soo and Soon-ja" editing controversy continues to make headlines, particularly as it was revealed that Soon-ja initially had a high salary of KRW 200 million. On March 29th, ENA and SBS PLUS's "I Am Solo" aired the 13th season's contestants' final night stories.

However, the narrative of the Kwang-soo and Soon-ja couple did not appear on the show for the second week in a row, sparking intrigue among viewers. The two contestants had shown interest in each other from the beginning, and audiences expressed considerable interest in Soon-ja's bright personality and lovely looks. However, after an early atmosphere of potential coupling, the couple disappeared from the show.

Speculations arose due to their near 'disappearance' from the broadcast since March 8th, leading to various conjectures about the reasons behind their absence. An anonymous community post added fuel to the fire, stating, "There is a deep story behind it. I don't know if it will be revealed on the show later," and "I know Kwang-soo. It's a personal matter, so it's difficult to disclose. I wonder if it will come out in a live broadcast."

Despite these rumors, Kwang-soo maintains a nonchalant stance on the editing controversy. In response to a netizen's question, Gwang-su stated, "I am also disappointed with the lack of screen time. However, I believe the production team made the right decision for the ratings. 'I Am Solo' is a matchmaking variety show, and it's more entertaining when there's competition for partners. That seems to be the focus."

The 13th season of "I Am Solo" has been plagued with various suspicions and rumors from the beginning, including a male contestant A's alleged infection with a sexually transmitted disease and another male contestant B's accusation of being a school bully. At the time, the contestant identified as A expressed frustration over the situation, claiming that "significant parts of the story are false."