BTS member Jimin made a surprising appearance on the KBS2 variety show 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' on March 30th. The show's theme of the day was 'Dangerous Invitation,' and the production team hinted that the guest would be a world star. Co-hosts Hong Jin Kyung and Joo Woo-jae speculated that the guest might be from BTS, which was later confirmed when Jimin appeared on stage.

Jimin, known for his dazzling dance moves, made the audience laugh with his nervous antics. He mentioned that he has a habit of tightly tying his shoelaces when he gets nervous. The other hosts, including comedian Jo Se Ho, who claims to be a close friend of Jimin's, welcomed him warmly.

During the show, Jimin participated in a coin toss game that determined whether he would become the solo MC for a special variety show episode or receive a penalty. With luck on his side, Jimin won the coin toss, and the remaining members had to face the penalty.

As the talk show segment began, host Kim Sook introduced Jimin, and Joo Woo-jae, who had a funny water-related penalty, kept falling back into the water as Jimin touched his head, causing laughter on the set.

When asked about Jimin's real personality, Jo Se Ho described him as someone who enjoys fun stories, is cheerful, and likes to joke around - a contrast to his stage presence.

The episode was filled with laughter, water bombs, and unexpected moments, making it a memorable appearance for BTS's Jimin on "Hong Kim Dong-jeon."

BTS's Jimin Shares Diet Struggles and Friendship with Jo Se Ho on 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon'

During the episode, Jimin opened up about his friendship with Jo Se Ho, explaining that they occasionally have meals and drinks together. However, he clarified that their relationship is not as close as Jo Se Ho often claims. This candid revelation added to the lighthearted atmosphere of the show.

Additionally, Jimin shared some of his struggles with dieting, which led to a discussion about a "teary selfie" he had posted on social media. He humorously revealed that the tears in the photo were actually artificial, created during a moment when he was eating while on a strict diet.

The show's audience enjoyed the playful banter between the hosts and Jimin, as well as the insight into the BTS member's life beyond the stage. The episode further highlighted Jimin's friendly and down-to-earth personality, making it a hit among viewers and fans alike.

With its mix of humor, heartwarming moments, and fascinating revelations, this episode of 'Hong Kim Dong Coin' featuring BTS's Jimin was a delightful treat for fans and general viewers alike.

When Kim Sook was asked who she would prefer to be in her next life, billionaire Jo Se-ho or unemployed Jimin, Jimin replied, "I'd choose billionaire Jo Se-ho. Money is necessary in this world," and shared this wise insight before Jo Se-ho flew away.

A flustered Jimin simultaneously touched her head and moistened her lips, and as she weakly sent Joo Woo-jae flying, Hong Jin-kyung burst into laughter after getting splashed with water.

Jo Se-ho swapped seats with Joo woo-jae and immediately after touching his head, he fell into the water, and Ji-min caught on. The song "Friend" surpassed 190 million streams, and as Jimin clasped her hands together, Ju-woo-jae flew away.

Acknowledging the situation, Jimin said, "I understand," and Joo woo-jae pleaded, "Ji-min, don't be grateful."

Joo woo-jae and Woo-young switched places, and Kim Sook mentioned that Jimin currently has 49.16 million SNS followers, saying, "This is the population of an entire country." Jimin smiled gratefully.

Regarding the tearful selfie that surprised many, Jimin revealed, "I uploaded it after fooling around with the members. I was on a diet and ate some food. It's fake tears. I didn't know it would become a news story."

Hong Jin-kyung, who had uploaded the tearful selfie because she thought she had too few followers for a celebrity, said, "Please help me just once. These are real tears," making Jimin laugh.

With 180,000 followers, Jimin said, "I'm not the kind of person who measures my fans' hearts by numbers." When asked if she would post a photo taken today, she replied, "I won't. How can I? Isn't it something I shouldn't do?"

To this, Jo Se-ho said, "I will do it," and when everyone else agreed to post, Hong Jin-kyung asked nervously, "Jimin, could you please post one photo if you have the chance?"

Jimin humbly replied, "It would be an honor," and Woo-young flew away. Jo Se-ho advised, "Don't worry about it, just do whatever you're comfortable with. This is just a show!" Jimin then sent him into the water.

Jo Se-ho, who claimed to have understood the rules, said, "It's not because of Jimin's actions, but because I used a foreign word in my seat!" Jimin blocked his nonsense by touching her head.

Kim Sook asked Ji-min to show her signature pose for the fans, and as she made a V sign and smiled, Jo Se-ho flew away.

Jimin showed a heart sign to Jo Se-ho when he returned to his seat, and he flew away again. As it was assumed that the forbidden action was striking a pose, Ji-min burst into laughter, and the talk became chaotic.

When asked if she searches her own name, Jimin said, "I used to, but I don't do it much these days." Ju-woo-jae requested a pose with Ji-min, saying, "I want to experience an honorable moment." Jo Se-ho angrily said, "Stop it."

However, Jimin and Joo woo-jae posed together, sending Jo Se-ho flying away. Jimin, who had practiced kendo for about eight years, tried to extinguish candles with a sword and apologized in advance to all kendo practitioners.

Jimin, who predicted she would extinguish 13 candles, succeeded while Joo Woo-jae placed a bet on her failure for the sake of the show's entertainment. In the first attempt, Jimin was unable to put out any candles, leaving her flustered.

MC Kim Sook agreed to Jimin's request to allow her to practice, giving her another chance. In her second attempt, Jimin failed to extinguish all 14 candles, resulting in Joo Woo-jae being exempt from punishment. However, the production team shouted, "One more time!" and Jimin got another chance, successfully extinguishing all 14 candles, which led to Joo Woo-jae receiving punishment.

When asked about the group's hierarchy, she said, "The youngest member determined that I'm at the bottom of the hierarchy. Naturally, our leader holds the highest position."

Earlier, when Jo Se-ho asked about the order in which they take showers, Jimin sent Woo-young and Jo Se-ho flying away. Unable to let go of his curiosity, Jo Se-ho asked about Suga's shower order, and Ji-min sent him away with a pose. Relieved, Woo-young revealed, "Suga doesn't wash his hair."

When asked if she, a world star, licks yogurt lids, Jimin said, "I lick the lid until its original color remains." Regarding Jujube bar lids, she said, "I definitely eat them. Is there anyone who doesn't?"

At that moment, Jo Se-ho unexpectedly flew away without striking any pose, leaving everyone baffled.

In response to a question about how much congratulatory money she would give her close friend Jo Se-ho for his wedding, Ju-woo-jae said, "For reference, I decided to give 20,000 won." After some consideration, Jimin said, "I was thinking of giving around 2 to 3 million won," and Jo Se-ho flew away again.

Jimin shared her dream of continuing BTS activities for a long time and, when asked about the group's appearance in 10 years, replied, "Wouldn't it be nice if we all appeared on 'Hong Kim Dong Jeon' together?"

In 2033, Jimin imagined herself "having fun on 'Hong Kim Dong Jeon.' I hope I don't look too old." The forbidden action in the Flying Chair game turned out to be "when looking cool." Kim Sook said, "We held back. Jimin was cool all the time."

The second game was a relay dance with the world star in perfect harmony. The first challenge was BTS's "Dynamite," and Woo-young quickly copied Ji-min's choreography.

However, Kim Sook and Hong Jin-kyung's turns led to the dance becoming distorted, but Joo Woo-jae's sense saved the day with the correct answer. In the subsequent Leseraphim challenge, Jimin pinpointed the key move, Woo-young passed it on, and Joo Woo-jae got the answer right again.

Jimin showcased the Beast's "Fiction" step point, but both Hong Jin-kyung's and Joo Woo-jae's answers were wrong.

The relay dance continued with success, and when asked where she was disappointed, Jimin said, "There was no disappointment, only surprises," bringing smiles all around.

Meanwhile, the KBS2 entertainment program 'Hong Kim Dong Jeon' airs every Thursday at 8:30 pm.