GOT7's Jackson Wang is one of the most sought after Kpop idols in the industry not only because of his vocal skills and on-point dance moves but because of his refreshing candor in answering personal questions. He recently opened up about his real feelings about JYP Entertainment's three-year dating ban.

In an interview with Radio Star, Jackson said that while other artists would feel restricted about agreeing to a dating ban, he completely understood where his label was coming from and what it was aiming for in imposing the ban.He said that he agreed with JYP's dating policy because he understood the responsibilities that being an idol entailed.

Not only did it take a lot of commitment to succeed in the industry, but being in a relationship will also take its toll on one's personal life.He clarified that he is not against dating at all. He instead explained that he saw the practical side of the matter.

"Honestly, I want to date someone, but dating isn't a joke. It's not only fun. You have responsibilities," he said.

In a recent Facebook Live session with his fans, he said that he was planning to stick to the dating ban even after the three-year period expires because he wants to commit himself to his career. He admitted that he did not feel confident about taking on the responsibility of taking care of someone else when he was on a journey to develop himself further as an artist.

"The reason is because I can't take care of myself... so how would I take care of someone else? If you want to take care of someone, you need to have the ability, time, and everything... but I don't have anything! I can't even take care of my parents right now, how can I care for another? I don't have the ability," he said honestly.

Not surprisingly, Jackson Wang's honesty was met with strong support from GOT7's Aghase fandom. Fans expressed pride at Jackson's maturity and for his commitment to his craft and wished him well in his career.

They also vowed to support him on his projects with GOT7 as well as his solo releases.It can be recalled that Jackson recently released his solo track 100 Ways entered the iTunes charts in 35 countries and even sparked a TikTok challenge. GOT7 also successfully made a comeback with the mini-album DYE last April 20.