Lee Jae Gyu, the director of the popular Netflix series "All of Us Are Dead" has recently apologized for the show's provocative scenes. He held an interview online with numerous reporters to disclose his intentions for including the controversial scenes in the K-drama.

The show has gained quite a lot of popularity as it ranked No. 1 on the Top 10 charts of Netflix in numerous countries worldwide. However, the presence of many provocative scenes, including one depicting sexual violence against a female student, in the very beginning of the show, has embroiled it in controversy.

There have been criticisms against Lee Jae Gyu for excessively sexualizing the female student in that shot. He explained during the online interview that many tragedies occur in society, and his intention for including such provocative scenes was to gain the attention of the viewers and not to just include those scenes for nothing.

Lee Jae Gyu elaborated that when the viewer will watch teh drama further, they can see that the character of Eunji was scared of having what took place with her be exposed to the public, more than losing her life. The director revealed that wanted people to see how bullying and cruel the perpetrators were to her.

The director also apologized for the depicted scenes being more excessive than what he intended and for giving discomfort to anyone. He also talked about the public restroom scene, where the female student gave birth to a baby, with the full intention of abandoning him and doing so, but went back with her heart for protecting the baby. According to him, the character of Hee-Soo tells the story of young single mothers who are seen in real-life through the news. Lee Jae Gyu disclosed he thought that the character of Hee-Soo returning to save the baby went with the drama's overall theme.

The South Korean filmmaker also explained that some of the content in the drama was toned down, from the original more violent scenes, and refined to an extent so that it would be fun and easy to enjoy.

"All of Us Are Dead" adds another milestone to the K-zombie genre. The show revolves around a group of high school students who have survived a zombie virus outbreak. Subsequently, they must fight their way through the zombie hoard to escape ground zero because there is no rescue party coming to help them.