Around two weeks ago, ex-member of South-Korean band Day6, Jae came under fire and scrutiny after he called K-pop soloist, Jamie Park, a "thot" during a live broadcast. It is a very offensive slang word with derogatory meaning.

The clip, where Jae was seen making the remark, immediately began to circulate on social media and online communities. In the video, Jae said that now that he was not in K-pop anymore, he could say why was Jamie trying to be a thot. He laughed after using the offensive word.

Then he went on to say that "thot" meant the same as "baddie". However, netizens did not buy the explanation and said that Jae was just making excuses for using the word.

After the video became widely circulated, the former Day6 singer issued a public apology to both Jamie and his fans, as the latter were also disturbed by his choice of words for referring to Jamie.

In his public apology, Jae explained that in no way was he referencing any type of physical energy or behavior, or trying to take a slight at Jamie, but rather the aura of what people term as a "baddie" and thought the two meant the same thing. He then also apologized to those who were hurt by the word choice.

Now, on January 20, Jamie has finally taken to her social media to explain that she and Jae had a long chat and the ex-member of DAY6 has personally apologized to her.

After Jamie posted her tweets, many fans and netizens praised her for being kind and having a good heart for talking with the former Day6 singer and accepting his apology.

Jamie, however, posted a tweet that said she would smack Jae if he would do this one more time.

Park Ji-min, who is professionally called Jamie or Jamie Park, and also Jimin Park previously, is a South Korean television host, songwriter, and singer. She is most popular for becoming the winner of "K-pop Star"'s first season. She is also the ex-member of project group M.O.L.A and the vocal duo 15&. The artist has also co-hosted the variety show "After School Club."

Jae, whose real name is Park Jae-Hyung, first became popular as one of "K-pop Star"'s final six contestants of the final season. He was the vocalist and lead guitarist of Day6, now he releases solo music under the name eaJ.