Jisoo, a band member of the massively popular and globally famous K-pop group BLACKPINK, is all geared for making her acting debut in "Snowdrop", an upcoming JTBC drama series opposite Korean actor Jung Hae-in.

While BLINKS, the fandom of the girls' group is already excited about Jisoo's debut as an actress, here is how her co-members from BLACKPINK had to say about the vocalist's forthcoming drama. 

In a recent interview, the 26-year-old artist revealed how Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie reacted to Jisoo's new role as an actress. The members reportedly assured her that we will watch the drama after it premiers. The three also expressed curiosity about Jennie's new venture and supported her for the same. Subsequently, the singer-actress could gain strength and was able to work harder on filming. 

The story of "Snowdrop" will play against the background of Seoul in 1987, the year of the June Democratic Struggle. It will look into the lives of two university students and their unlikely love story, which starts on a scary note.

The character of Su Ho shows up in a bloodied state at the Hosu Women's University. Meanwhile, Jisoo's character is shown taking a risk to look after his wounds, even while strict surveillance starts at the university.

Co-star Jung Hae has been full of praise for Jisoo, saying that for him she is Young Ro, the character that she plays, herself. The actor said he was surprised at the singer's amazing character portrayal and her understanding of the director's instructions on set. 

Jung Hae also mentioned that Jisoo is friendly to everyone and her strength lies in being considerate to others.

"Snowdrop", which has been created and written by Yoo Hyun Mi, is being directed by Jo Hyun Tak who is also known for his work "SKY Castle", a super hit drama. The series will premiere on December 18. 

Jisoo, who is known as the unofficial leader of BLACKPINK, made her debut with the group under YG Entertainment in 2016. It is one of Korea's biggest K-pop bands, which is also famous internationally. All four members are individual global ambassadors for some of the world's biggest brands and French luxury giants.

Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa also have made their solo debuts as vocalists, and now Jisoo is going to be an actress with her upcoming drama. Recently, there have been reports that the girls could be thinking about making a comeback album after they posted a selfie together.