Dispatch has revealed hallyu actor Lee Min-ho (34) and Momoland's Yeon-woo (25) are dating.

On the 30th, Dispatch shared exclusive photos of Lee Min-ho celebrating Yeon-woo's birthday with a movie date and revealed that the two have been dating for 5 months.

According to Dispatch, the first person to celebrate her 25th birthday on August 1st was Lee Min-ho. The actor picked her up at her house and the two went to COEX Megabox and watched a late-night movie and went for a drive.

Lee Min-ho was the first to take care of his lover's birthday. On the night of July 31, he invited Yeon-woo to his house and the two stayed up until midnight on the 1st and celebrated her birthday.

Because of social distancing rules in place, the two mostly dated at home with Yeon-woo's home only a 5 minute walk from Minho's. Yeon-woo was spotted walking over to Lee Min-ho's house on foot.

A close aide told Dispatch, "Minho has always been honest in love. He's not the type to hide. They have similar interests, love playing games, watching movies. He sometimes stays up all night to play games."

He added, "Because of their similar interests, their "home stay" dates are not boring for them. Their similar hobbies made them closer."

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho recently finished filming Apple TV drama 'Pachinko.' Yeonwoo is scheduled to appear with Yoon Yeojeong and Jung Eun-chae in KBS' Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Dali and Gangjatang (Cocky Prince)' on 22nd of next month.

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