Former EXO member Kris Wu (30, Wu Yi Fan)'s Weibo account has been deleted following his rape scandals.

On August 1, China's largest social media platform, Weibo revealed in an official statement, "After official reports of Kris' arrest, interest online has increased. We immediately checked and were able to obtain relevant information of his accounts. We closed 108 super topic accounts that spread wrong topics (defended Kris) and deleted 789 group chat accounts that violated the rules. A total of 990 accounts have been banned or permanently deleted."

Celebrity accounts that spoke up in defense of Kris as well as his fan community Wu Yi Fan have also been deleted or banned from posting. All of Kris' accounts as well as his agency account Wu Yi Fan Workshop has also been deleted.


Although Kris denied allegations of rape and is suing Du Meizhou (victim) for blackmail, Chinese police announced in their interim investigations that it was confirmed the two had sex.

Officials emphasized, "Chinese laws must be obeyed when in Chinese territory" making it clear that irregardless of Kris being a Canadian national, he'll be severely punished once charges are confirmed.

In China, it's extremely rare for a suspect that has been detained by police to be released so it's highly likely that Kris will be charged for rape.

SR:Daily Naver Blog