Former EXO member Kris Wu (Wu Yi Fan, 30) has been arrested in China on suspicion of rape.

On July 31, at around 11:30pm, Chaoyang Branch of Public Security Bureau of Beijing announced, "We'd like to inform you about a report submitted about Wu Yi Fan for seducing a young woman to have sex with him. We have detained Wu (Kris) on charges of rape and we're investigating the matter."

In the meantime, police revealed on the 22nd, "Kris' manager invited Du Meizhou (18) to Wu Yi Fan's house in December 2020 for an interview as a female lead in a music video but was forced to drink alcohol and had her cell phone taken away by the manager. She refused but was threatened using his status as a celebrity and forced to have sex. Afterwards, Wu deposited 32,000 yuan (5.6 million won) to keep her silent. The two kept in touch through messenger until April 2021. Du Meizhou later revealed there were at least 9 other victims and 2 of them were minors."

Afterwards, Kris was dropped by 10 company sponsors and went into hiatus. He denied the reports stating, "I have never raped anyone using casting as an excuse. I have never slept with minors."

Later, a man (Liu mo), saw Du Meizhou's revelations online, approached Kris pretending to be Du Meizhou (victim) and demanded 3 million yuan from Kris' agency and sent fraudulent bank account info. In response, Kris' mother transferred 500,000 yuan to Du Meizhou's real account. When Liu didn't receive the money, he pretended to be an official from Kris' agency and asked for the money through Du Meizhou (victim) who transferred 180,000 yuan. As a result, Kris's company, his mother, and Du Meizhou were both scammed by Liu.

Police arrested Liu on the 22nd in Jiangsu and he's currently being detained in Beijing.

In the meantime, the maximum penalty for rape of a minor in China is death.

Comments from Korean Netizens

  1. [+422, -4] He's going to die??
  2. [+220, -2] He backstabbed SM too. Just goes to show trash like him never change. A trash stays trash forever. Looks like its the death penalty for him.
  3. [+187, -2] It hilarious that news of a Chinese criminal is being broadcast in Korea. Why is this even breaking news????ㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+130, -3] Executioner ️
  5. [+90, -2] In China, highest sentence for r*pe of a minor is death penaltyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+31, -1] So what's going to happen to him? death sentence?
  7. [+28, -1] If you keep tagging him as "Former EXO member" this Chinese trash ba$tard might get mistaken for a Korean. Please edit the title!!!
  8. [+23, -0] Ah, if Seungri was a Chinese too and not Korean he would've been thrown to the pits of hell already...what a shame.

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