BLACKPINK and Taylor Swift are rumored to be collaborating as part of the former's anniversary event called the 4+1 PROJECT. Some have even assumed that the "plus one" in the title refers to the Look What You Made Me Do singer, but there are still others who doubt this could be the case. 

Kpop fans had shown various reactions when the rumor first emerged, and they have varying opinions and views about the BLACKPINK and Taylor Swift alleged collaboration. While there are some who said that this is not possible at all, Allkpop reported that online sources had fueled the rumors, so more and more fans are getting convinced now.   

For instance, a choreographer who is said to be working with BLACKPINK started following the American singer on social media, so the rumors have been amplified. Some netizens also reacted to the news and said that although the girl group and Swift's joint performance is not yet confirmed, a number of reputable publications such as Billboard have already provided so many hints about it. 

Some also posted that the source of collaboration news is reliable and commented that it was the same source that revealed the collaboration with Selena Gomez before. But back then, no one believed them, so they suggested it could be the same scenario. 

There are more comments on Twitter, and most of the fans are saying that if it is true, it would be an epic stage and would definitely turn the world upside down. They also brought up the fact that BLACKPINK member Rose used to talk about Taylor Swift in the past. 

Finally, while nothing is confirmed yet about what BLACKPINK's 4+1 PROJECT really means, many wish that it is true, and the mix will surely make the international fans go crazy.

For now, all that fans are saying that whether the collaboration is happening or not, there is still something they can look forward to since BLACKPINK is celebrating their 5th debut anniversary, and there will surely be an explosive performance to mark this day.