Ki Sung Yong's juniors A (31) and B have come forward with allegations of sexual assault.

On May 24, A was summoned by the Seocho Police Department for investigations after revealing in February that A and B were sexually assaulted by their seniors Ki (32) and C in January-June of 2000 while staying at a soccer club at an elementary school in Jeonnam.

In March, Ki Sung-yong's lawyer denied the allegations at a press conference and announced Ki was suing A and B for defamation and other charges and filed a lawsuit for 500 million won in damages.

A spoke to reporters on the way to police station and revealed, "after the revelations, I received information through another junior that Ki's side called and asked that I apologize and retract my misleading statements to reporters instead of apologizing for what he did. I will reveal even more of what hasn't been revealed so far."

On the 26th, Ki Sung-yong's wife actress Han Hye-jin retorted to the allegations on her SNS stating, "all the allegations about my husband are lies. I will fight until the end so that the person that made up terrible lies and pushed my family into a dirty pit can be punished."

She added, "I don't know how many months have passed but it has been countless sleepless nights. Everyday I wake up depressed over the reality that no one believes in him even when I'm shouting out that it's not true. Why do we have to face this kind of thing? It's sad to know that the world is this scary that nonsense revelations came and hit us like a strike of lightning and messed up our daily lives. We're trying to fight back hard with the belief that there are still people who trust us and support us. I'm politely asking those that continue to talk and send hate comments to shut their mouths."

"I sincerely bow down and apologize for any wrongdoings we might've done in the past but please support us and believe in us and know that nothing happened. No such thing happened."

  1. [+2,928, -164] The saying that sometimes staying quiet is the best course of action is honestly true...She wasn't even there at the time of assault so what exactly can she prove by trying to get in the middle of it? She should've just shut up and stayed quiet until the truth came out...
  2. [+1,530, -119] It would've been better for her not to come out and speak up for him like this..ㅠㅠ...married couple or not they're just some things you never know...
  3. [+1,368, -48] Isn't this a bit much? This happened when her husband was younger and no matter how strong your trust in him is, this is not something you can guarantee did not happen. I think it's best to pray hard and believe in him.
  4. [+1,215, -48] She better stay quiet unless she wants him to end up like Lee Kyung-shil어~~~
  5. [+728, -26] I get she wants to believe that the accusations aren't true but we're past the point where believing in his words proves anything..
  6. [+431, -15] I honestly think she was a bit out of it when she wrote this..?
  7. [+322, -12] Hye-jin ssi, you're free to trust in your husband but were you in school with the victim when he attended elementary? They could be real victims of his assaults. If you don't know the truth then just keep quiet..
  8. [+122, -6] It's not like this is a one-off scandal in his family. His father is the embezzlement expert so if he's his father's son you just never know..

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