B.I who is also known as Kim Hanbin has returned to the entertainment world after leaving IKON in 2019. He is now promoting solo and officially made his comeback more than a month ago. 

B.I launched his first album as a solo performer, titled Midnight Blue, on March 19. His agency, IOK Company revealed that this record will also feature tracks that were already released via SoundCloud.  

This is a meaningful album for the 24-year-old singer because he also pledged to donate all his earnings from this release. It was stated that he intends to give to the World Vision International, a humanitarian aid organization. He chose this group because it extends help to children and youngsters in need.

It will be a big donation as B.I will be giving away everything from sales of the album down to the copyright royalties that he will earn for the songs. Even the profits that the Midnight Blue album will make in the future including from physical and digital music sales would all be handed out as well.  

It has been more than a month since he published his songs and in the latest update, Allkpop reported that B.I finally fulfilled his promise and donated all the earnings he made from his solo record release. The singer visited the World Vision International office in Seoul to formally give his contributions this week, and it was received by the organizations' chairman Cho Myung Hwan. 

This is not a surprising move from Kim Hanbin because he is really known as someone who shares his blessings when he could. He has donated to World Vision more than once and so far, he has contributed millions to this NGO. 

Finally, B.I's charity works started even when he was still part of IKON. His fans also join him with his donation drives at times and he has been doing this admirable activity since 2016.