Counting a week after BTS's Film Out was released, the most recent music video brought to us by the world's most phenomenal K-pop group BTS now is the most-watched visuals in the whole wide world.

BTS's worldwide domination

On YouTube, BTS's Film Out is named as the most-watched music video in the world, ranking at No. 1 on the weekly ranking. Well, it is not a shock to everyone, as BTS is known for dominating anything at any place.

The popularity and influence of the K-pop septet prove 2to be undefeated as its newest and all-new music video entry skyrocketed to the YouTube weekly ranking. That said, BTS defeats the music video releases of some artists and also the brightest names in the industry.

As per Forbes, BTS's Film Out music video finishes at No. 30 last week and now emerged at the No. 1 spot this week. It bottles up 53.1 million plays on the streaming platform on the dates April 2 until April 8, proving its worthiness to sit on its rightful spot.

Coming next to BTS is Jubin Nauityal's Lut Gaye at No. 2, and Lil Nas X's MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) of which BTS dethroned at its No. 1 spot.

BTS is never going to stop

On the other hand, BTS's newest Japanese single sits at No. 3 on the Global YouTube Songs Chart, flying 52 places since its last week's finish. Headline Planet says BTS's Film Out gathered 55.3 million tracked plays based on its calculation.

On the Global YouTube Artists Chart, the Grammy-nominated band is at the No. 2 spot for this week. The band carries a whopping 242 million tracking week plays in total.

Since its release, BTS's Film Out has been topping YouTube's charts is surely not going to settle down soon. With its Japanese album on the way, the ARMYs are in full swing to give prominence to their idols in all shapes and forms.