The third sub-unit of the K-pop all-boy group NCT, NCT Dream, is finishing up its plans for its comeback that is happening soon.

NCT Dream is returning

According to Soompi, SPOTV News made known to the world on March 23 (Tuesday) that NCT Dream is currently in the final stages of its preparation for a comeback. That said, the comeback is revealed to be happening this April!

With no hesitations, NCT Dream is undeniably gearing for its return and is surely coming back to the K-pop music stage with a bang.

And to confirm the news reported by SPOTV News, SM Entertainment issued a statement that says, "NCT DREAM is preparing a new album aimed for an April release."

Furthermore, NCT Dream is recording its music for its future release. That said, the ever-supportive fans became nutty as a fruitcake, considering it has been a long time since their idols released a craft.

NCT Dream comes back 7/7

As per NME, the founding member of the band Mark Lee will be re-joining the return, marking his first official comeback with NCT Dream since its 2018 song titled We Go Up release.

It was in December of the same year that Mark severed his ties with the group shortly after graduating. He left after the release of the band's holiday track called Candle Light, under the band's rotational graduation system.

Member of the band is tasked to leave the group after turning 20 years old; however, it is to the delight of many that Mark will be reunited with his original band.

To date, SM Entertainment already removed the rotational graduation system last year to make sure the band consists of its seven original members.

The last music release of NCT Dream was last year, in a form of a mini-album, entitled Reload. Since the release, the album made its way atop local album charts and became its highest-grossing album.