Seol In Ah has shared her insights on her latest drama project 'Mr. Queen.'

On February 17, Thursday, 'Mr. Queen' recently has made headlines for achieving high ratings for its last episodes, and each episode aired for having such a catchy, hilarious plot. The story revolves around a man from modern times whose soul was switched and trapped to a queen's body living in the Joseon Dynasty.

At first, Seol In Ah admitted to feeling nervous about the project as it was her first time acting in a historical drama for a long time and shared how she enjoyed the time spent on set with great teamwork showcased by the actors, staff, and director. Moreover, given that 'Mr. Queen' is her first historical drama in a while.

Following her previous project with 'The Flower in Prison' in 2016, the actress shared she had also practiced speaking in a lower tone and slowly reading books to fully adapt the sageuk tone for the series.

Despite being pressured and nervous on the set, her manager took care of her to help her condition her mentality and mindset. When asked about the mood she experienced on the set, she shared how it's light and always a laughing moment for everyone, and it is the best thing to do after focusing much attention on their characters.

Seol In Ah also talked about her co-actors in the set and said, "From rehearsal to the filming, I was able to act diversely and vividly with Shin Hye Sun. Although she was the actress with the most amount of activities scheduled, she was always smiling and full of consideration, which I learned a lot from."

According to her, being part of the 'Mr. Queen' has made her feel more of an outgoing person and concluded to thank all the fans and viewers who supported the drama.

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