'The Penthouse' director expressed excitement on the upcoming second season of the drama series and shared his favorite scenes and more!

On February 17, 'The Penthouse' director Joo Dong Min who exceptionally worked on previous projects, namely 'Return,' and 'Empress Ki,' who is also currently working on the hit series 'The Penthouse' comments on some questions raised regarding his insights on the drama project.

Ahead of the second season's official airing, director Kim Soon Ok shares what specific part of the series he gave complete focus on and commented, "luxury and mise en scène, One of the biggest advantages SBS has is its team in charge of artistic elements. I think the result came out well because the artistic director and CG team are incredibly skilled, and we have good teamwork from collaborating on previous dramas."

Moreover, Joo Dong Min has been asked if what genre will 'The Penthouse' belongs to, which the director explained that it doesn't specifically belong to just one genre or two. Joo Dong Min further noted that his efforts to try and bring the connection to viewers through each scene is his primary objective.

Furthermore, Joo Dong Min said the viewers would have to look at the best interpretations of such scenes depicting thriller, black comedy, and passionate love affairs. Since modern drama series are complex, no directors will just focus on one genre as they will try to touch in all aspects to effectively showcase a particular scene.

Joo Dong Min expresses profound gratitude to Park Bo Ram, who helped him cope with some aspects of the scene, and Shin Eun Kyung and Uhm Ki Joon for always setting the mood lightly, leading the juniors to act in peace and comfort.

Check out the trailer of the upcoming sequel of 'The Penthouse' set to premiere this February 19: