CJ ENM officially confirmed that the highly anticipated KCON: TACT will be happening virtually this March, compliance with the government's protocol for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

On February 16, Tuesday, CJ ENM officially announced the details for the much-anticipated KCON: TACT 3, which will be held this March 20 to 28. KCON is a major event to commemorate Korean pop culture and entertainment, which also have been launched in various countries, including United States, France, Australia, Mexico, and Japan.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic that halted all social gatherings to avoid more significant virus transmission clusters, KCON has adapted to the technology used today and started launching its virtual version, which is now called KCON: TACT that was successfully executed in summer and fall last year. KCON: TACT 3 will feature customized content based on what's dominating in a particular region.

Moreover, KCON: TACT 3 will include workshops led by local influencers and a chance to meet idols through fan meeting sessions that is quite popular for fans based in the United States and Japan. The event will also allow real-time engagement of international fans who also helped pave the way for Korean pop culture to be known worldwide.

Furthermore, K-pop idols will commence spin-off programs in which they can showcase more diverse discography. The idols will also participate in meet and greet sessions, which is the main part of the KCON: TACT 3 event this year; fans will have the chance to talk to their idols and idols recommending music to their fans.

A source from CJ ENM shared a statement regarding the upcoming event, "A huge strength for KCON: TACT 3 is being able to meet various artists who represent the present and future of K-pop in one place. As it is currently difficult to meet with foreign fans in person, we have prepared diverse content to recreate the offline experience. We will continue to work for the spread of global K-pop that transverses time and space."

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