BLACKPINK still are the queens of the girl group brand reputation rankings for the month of February!

On February 12, Friday, the Korean Business Research Institute has officially unveiled this month's results for the girl group brand reputation ranking. The results were determined from a thorough analysis of each male group's consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness indexes gathered from January 12 to February 12.

The phenomenal K-pop girl group BLACKPINK still is the hailed queens of the list as they garnered a total of 4,727,078 brand reputation index marking a 1.91 percent rise from their previous record in January. High-ranking keyword analysis of BLACKPINK includes 'online concert,' 'Billboard,' and 'Jennie.'

Related terms to BLACKPINK are 'perform,' 'donate,' and 'surpass.' Next on the list is G-IDLE, who made incredible progress peaking second, following BLACKPINK, who obtained an 18.87 percent rise in their record, achieving a 3,535,118 brand reputation index for this month.

The third is MAMAMOO, with a total of 3,230,068 brand reputation index with a 48.65 percent rise from their January score. Check out also the other top 30 girl groups included in the February ranking:

  2. (G)I-DLE
  4. TWICE
  5. IZ*ONE
  7. Oh My Girl
  8. Red Velvet
  9. aespa
  10. Dreamcatcher
  11. Girls' Generation
  12. ITZY
  13. fromis_9
  14. WJSN
  15. APRIL
  16. Cherry Bullet
  17. Lovelyz
  18. LOONA
  19. Apink
  20. Ladies' Code
  22. PIXY
  23. Weki Meki
  24. woo!ah!
  25. Weeekly
  26. STAYC
  27. LABOUM
  29. DIA
  30. Girl's Day

Fans are proud of all of the groups who made it to the list for this month; to some, it's just the beginning as we still have a long way to go before 2021 ends. Others are curious about what kind of genre these groups will be releasing soon or if they are making a comeback this year.

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