Former YG Entertainment's talent and a former member and leader of the K-pop all-girl group 2NE1, CL, revealed her mother's passing at a very young age.

CL mourns for dead mother

It is confirmed, HWA singer's mother, Hong Yoo Ra, has passed away last January 23. Hong Yoo Ra died at the age of 53 while staying abroad.

The cause of death is a sudden cardiac arrest. That said, fans of the rapper-singer-songwriter were shocked by the news. Fans were very swift to show their sympathies and sincere condolences to their idol, considering one of the hardest parts in life to handle is losing a mother.

Some are also asking whether COVID-19 caused the cardiac arrest, but it was not stated.

Funeral details

The news was announced by CL's current home management and recording label. The agency said that the funeral would be taking place for three days, starting today, February 10 (Wednesday), until February 12 (Friday).

Due to the social distancing measures mandated by the South Korean government to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the funeral will be held in private, with only the family and close friends can attend.

Soompi quoted the agency's announcement, "Please send CL messages of comfort and encouragement. May the deceased rest in peace. Thank you."

CL's statement

For the time being, CL has not issued a statement towards the news, but fans are very understanding. Fans are not hoping for CL's update as they genuinely understand the mourning of their idol.

Also, CL's fellow 2NE1 former members have not publicized their sympathies to their former bandleader.

Across the online world, fans are sending messages of encouragement to CL and various media news sites.

Meanwhile, the agency has not addressed CL's schedule changes, as the idol is slated for an album release, which was postponed last year.

Our deepest condolences to CL and the bereaved family.