BTS's Jimin, who is also recognized as the band's leading vocalist and dancer, has been featured in the upcoming illustration of Lee K, which he revealed to fans on his Instagram account through 'My Story' update. Jimin will be his first sketch this year!

On February 8, Monday, Lee K teased BTS and Jimin's fans by posting up his unfinished sketch for this year, which will be none other than BTS's Jimin himself. Fans are amazed about how naturally gifted and artistic driven Lee K is when he also posted some of his BTS Jimin illustration compilation on his Instagram account.

In the post, he shared that the posted illustrations are his 'Top Nine Illustrations Of Jimin For 2020', fans commended the artist on capturing the perfect face symmetry for the handsome K-pop idol and how each sketch is very well detailed. Moreover, BTS's Jimin is a widely referenced model for aspiring artists worldwide; with Jimin having that perfect visual and alluring charisma, even Gus Van Sant wanted to work with him as his model.

Lee K is a well-known South Korean artist renowned for his "Denial Of Language" principle of illustration. He initially claimed that Jimin is also one of his muses and has posted several drawings on his Instagram showcasing Jimin.

In many exhibits, many of his drawings involving Jimin were unveiled. A few months prior, one of Jimin's drawings was displayed in his studio in Germany.

He also recently announced the news regarding his drawings starring Jimin, being sold out during his London event. It seems like Lee K loved how Jimin embodies the beauty of a true pure-blooded Korean person.

Fans who stans Jimin and BTS loved how Lee K's artwork can even appreciate one's beauty. Some are starting to follow him on his social media to get notified and updated from time to time whenever he finishes his 2021 sketch of BTS's Jimin,

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